DIY Explotion Box For Mothers Day With DIY Kit

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Gift baskets have been done to death, so give a gift in a jar this year! Check out these 10 creative ideas for heartfelt holiday gifts packed up in a jar.


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Ihr liebt es auch, die Geschenke für Weihnachten schön zu verpacken? Dann habe ich heute viele verschiedene Geschenksverpackungs Ideen für euch.


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Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats

 I am pledging to live simple during the upcoming holidays. Who wants to pledge with me? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around ...


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Small candy bouquets made in inexpensive containers are great for party favors, teacher's gifts, team parties, co-worker surprises, fund-raisers or any occasion. A good source for containers is Dollar Tree, WalMart, thrift stores or even your own pantry. Keep an open mind and open eyes for bases for small candy bouquets. In addition to a base for a small candy bouquet you will need clear tape, candy, small wooden skewers (or even toothpicks for really little candy), and foam. One of the most inexpensive containers that I used in experimenting/playing around in making small candy bouquets is colorful plastic disposable drinking cups. Valentine's Day Spring St. Patrick's Day Team Spirit (my favorite team is Auburn...colors orange and blue). If you are having a themed-birthday party, these fun re-usable cups from WalMart are less than $1 each... ...Dollar Tree usually has seasonal-themed containers too... ...these seasonal cups are from WalMart...four cups for $1... metal pail from Dollar Tree; purple silk pail from thrift store. Because these small containers don't have much weight to them, you need to use smaller (or lightweight) candies to keep them from tipping over. Bagged mini candies are a great resource for these small candy bouquets. These are Easter candies pictured above. It is better to used wrapped candies for the candy bouquets. It used to be that you could only find miniature candies around Halloween but now you can find bagged miniature candy bars year-round. The wooden picks in the photo above are called "sandwich picks". They are larger than toothpicks but smaller than most wooden skewers. With a lot of the smaller candy that you will use for these small candy bouquets, you will just use clear tape to attach the wooden skewer to the back of the wrapped candy. With some of the mini candy bars, there is a flap on the back. If you want to hide the skewer as much as possible, here's how: Pull the flap up, place the skewer next to the fold, tape the skewer down along the fold, pull the flap down over the skewer, tape the flap down. Some of the candy is so small you can even use toothpicks for these small candy bouquets. I happened across some plastic cocktail "forks" at Dollar Tree which worked also. The foam that you use can be floral foam (which is usually green) or styrofoam (which is white or green). All of the above foams came from the floral aisle at Dollar Tree. Any of them would work for a small candy bouquet. Here is floral foam in a cup (left) and then a cupcake paper liner on top of the same type foam to disguise it. If you are making lots of small candy bouquets, you might want to consider using spray foam. It is trickier than pre-made foam but less expensive. Here is a link if you want to look into spray insulation foam as a filler.. "How To Use Spray Foam As A Filler For Candy Bouquets" When you are pushing the taped candy into the foam, push on the skewer/toothpick/plastic fork more than the candy. The candy might pop off of the support if you put too much pressure on it. If you want to add more embellishment or hide the foam in the small candy bouquet, here are some ways to do that... "Decorative Fillers For Candy Bouquets". Here are some more pictures of the small candy bouquets that I made. They only cost about $2-3 each but the joy that they brought to the people that I gave them to was far beyond that monetary amount. Candy bouquet in solo cup with paper napkin embellishment Candy taped onto skewers and home-made foam painted ready to go equals... Pail from WalMart ($1) with ($1) box of Princess chocolates and message hearts boxes (33 cents each). Spring/Easter candies in green solo cups with full-sized paper napkins pushed into cups before foam was added. Easter cups (4/$1) with candy and Easter grass added on top of foam. Green solo cups and candies/gum for St. Patrick's Day For disposable cups that will just be thrown away you can add some glue to the bottom of the cup to help hold the foam. For cups that folks might want to re-use, don't add glue. Solo cups with team colored orange and blue candies added along with curly ribbon fillers The variety of these small candy bouquets is only limited by your imagination...have fun making them... I know that I did! If you want to see more ideas for candy bouquets, click on this highlighted link... "Make Your Own Candy Bouquets In Lots of Ways".


Felicia (of Princess and The Rock) shares how she and her kids use a fun painting technique to make Creative Gift Wrapping Paper for the holidays!


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So, I’m sort of a gift fanatic–we’ve established that fact–and some of my favorite gifts are the ones that just keep going and going (insert token Energizer bunny reference here). And going. … For instance: Why give the gift of one date night when you can plan out 12 Months of Dates? Why give one birthday gift when youRead more


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Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats

 I am pledging to live simple during the upcoming holidays. Who wants to pledge with me? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around ...


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